Jan 16 ~ 22


This is the right time to take the reins of your life into your own hands. Take charge and grab the opportunity to change what has not worked before. It could be difficult to plan ahead if you don’t know what you really want. That’s why it’s important to take your time to think over possibilities available to you from various perspectives. If something really bothers you, take a break from it, and tackle the problem a day or two later.


You can get results by concentrating more, and consciously decide to do certain things better. Some problems you have been facing may have made you conclude that nothing could proceed. But after a little while you will see the situation in a completely different light. The real question should be: Do you really want it so much that you are really ready to conquer all obstacles in order to reach your goal. It might be the time to make plan B.


You have been more relaxed and in a better mood than before, not to mention that you feel better of yourself in general. You must try to keep your positive attitude, and see your life in better light. If you are looking for a romance, there could be an unusual opening to you to find a sweetheart. If you let yourself to be led by your heart, your head is sure to follow. Those in a steady relationship can expect a nice surprise this weekend.


Things that you have promised over the New Year could have a strong impact on your future. The more open attitude you have towards various possibilities, the more you will learn. Be ready for a pleasant surprise this weekend, as someone is going to present you with an alternative kind of proposition. Maybe this is the time for your dreams to start coming true. You don’t have to forget your dreams as you can always carry them in your heart.


Following your true and tested routines make you feel safe. But if you want a little excitement at the start of the year, you have to dare to step off your beaten path. As your foundation is solid, you can easily afford to experiment with something new without risking too much. You can trust that you can only win. You may have to give in to someone close to you, but you will notice that it’s not as big a deal as you had expected.


You need to feel certain closeness, and that’s the reason why you always follow your heart. Make a plan that follows a part of your New Year promise, and you can expect to see some quick results. You know what you want, and your energy level and determination are there to allow you to reach everything you have set your eyes on. You should not hesitate to throw a certain matter into the dustbin of history. Now is now and past is past.


Try to find a balance with your energy in order not to run in two extremes all the time. With a detailed plan and steady daily routines you can save your energy. One of your relatives seems to have gotten it right, but are you listening to this person? You have to select a way to accomplish things that you can follow in the long run. Your lover is ready to support you in any way, and that makes you both happy. Your life would be easier, too.


Some comments you overheard recently are likely to give you food for thought. Maybe you can’t see yourself through the eyes of others. Every attempt to improve yourself has to be based on what you want yourself, not on the wishes of those around you. Do not discard outright a plan to have a vacation together with a group of friends. There surely will be a day when the sun is shining on you too, just wait and you will see.


Everlasting passionate love may not be in cards for you just now. This could be a disappointment, but not necessarily completely surprising. The right moment comes when the time is right, but you must be patient. Remember that you can never have too many true friends. You have much to give and you are a great companion. There’s someone who’s sending you rather quiet signals of deep infatuation, and even if you don’t notice, you have to believe.


Pay special attention to your health this time. Do not forget the importance of the right kind of food and regular exercise. You can effect great changes with small steps, and you should start your healthier life today. Your work and love life could be a little out of sync just now, but things will get better in a couple of weeks. Your feelings could be a little mixed up, but everything will sort itself out. The main thing is not to make any hasty decisions.


Your imagination is flying, and you’re in great mood making this start of the year good. You can expect a very busy social life with plenty of new to experience. Before you throw yourself to a challenge at your work, find the real facts first, and don’t believe everything you hear. Someone is thinking about your feelings. Be ready to accept all the help you can get, and you will discover that there are many sides to this person’s actions.


Some changes are unavoidable, and you just have to accept the fact. This could fill up your mind but you must try to stay optimistic. At the same time when you wait things to develop, make sure you take good care of your own interests. Help others but don’t make compromises at the cost of your own happiness. You have to find something new to your life. You could use your time this winter to try something completely different.

20:31 14 Jul , 2024