Jan 23 ~ 29


You should pay more attention to your own wellbeing. Even if you ask for an advice in money matters from a reliable friend, it’s ultimately you who has to organize and follow up with your own business. Healthy food, fresh air and a couple of stress-free days every now and then are never a bad idea. Take time to think about your own needs and feelings, before deciding what to do.


Friends are important for you this time. Perhaps you got a taste of partying and having a good time over the New Year, and now you would like to continue in the same way. But at the same time, it could be difficult to get your friends excited about the idea of never ending party as almost all are busy with their everyday work. You could do your best, but don’t expect too much.


You have really earned all the kudos that are now coming to your way, and have been long in coming. That’s why they make you feel so good. Some colleagues at work seem to demand more time from you than you are willing to give. It is difficult at times to find a balance between your career and home life. Luckily for you, you can expect some good news in the coming days.


This week perhaps started slowly, but that does not mean that the situation could not change. You should resist pressure from others who want to steer your action to completely other direction. Instead, you should continue on your chosen path, and make that clear to everyone concerned. Those who stick with you will prove to be talented persons who will give you much encouragement.


A good conversation is what you appreciate the most, and you can expect plenty of talk over the next week or so. Because of the aspect of planet Venus, your love life is flourishing and passions run high. Even troublesome money problems that could pop up early next week are not enough to dethrone the strong position that romance has in your life this time.


This weekend promises to be both active and exciting, and to make the best of it you should be both flexible and determined at the same time. Although you would like to help others, make sure your own finances are on the forefront. Although many people will ask you for favors, stay cool and postpone making any decisions until you have your own plans ready to go.


You are meeting a certain person this weekend, and that meeting could be the high point that could affect your life in important ways for some time to come. You can also expect to meet a rather mysterious person, and you have to decide what’s the right way to react. That meeting could no doubt lead to plenty of fun for both of you, and it also would teach you much about yourself.


This time your friends and loved ones are very important to you. You are in front of several choices that you have to make, but the time to decide is quite not yet. Be ready to make the best of a new contact that could give you a tremendous advantage in your job. Your intuitions are now very strong, so you should trust more in your own ideas, as in the long run they will prove to be right.


You know exactly how you want everything to be run both at work and home, but your lover could have some other ideas. It could be difficult to make your lover to understand that this time it’s not possible to follow his ideas. The best way to defuse the situation is to divert his attention to somewhere else, so you can have time to complete your plans and figure out how best to explain them.


Is someone trying to play with your feelings? Do you find yourself longing for simpler life? Take a pause and step aside from your current situation and then concentrate on something completely different for a while. When you take responsibility of your own time, you will discover how good a feeling that is. Take a deep breath and erase negative thoughts from your head.


All kind of communication with your family, friends and partner is easy at this time. If someone is asking you an advice on a difficult problem especially concerning money, avoid shooting from the hip and ask an expert for an advice instead. But in matters involving personal lives, your common sense rules. You can let your imagination run free as long as you keep one foot to the ground.


Someone whom you met recently seems to have left quite an impression on you. Maybe you still don’t trust that person one hundred percent, but the signs are good. Remember to be flexible as situation and circumstances could change in a short time. Especially money matters require a practical stance from your part. A good advice is worth your own weight in gold.

09:02 18 Jun , 2024