Jan 30 ~ Feb 05


Your love for adventure and noble thoughts will come to the fore at the beginning of February. You are a keen observer and able to make the best of any situation. If you miss something special, a short trip would be a good idea. However, you could find whatever you are looking for closer than you would think. You mind is full of new ideas, but are you ready to deliver?


Be careful what you ask and say. Especially your colleagues at work could have a very thin skin sometimes. It is very possible that you encounter new people with whom you could start very productive friendships, but you have to be less suspicious of strangers. You have more to win than lose. Be ready to believe only positive talk about a certain person whom you meet next week.


Your creativity is coming into focus, and your social life is busy and happily bubbly. You could meet a stranger on one of the first days of February, and this person would present an idea that is sure to get your imagination flying. The question is whether you are ready to accept the idea, or are you determined to continue on your familiar tried and true path. It’s up to you.


Do your plans and dreams seem to be more realistic now than a month ago? At least they should. It seems to become easier for you to get along with your friends and colleagues, and you know exactly what you want to do next. If at all possible, make sure that you go through all important discussions and meetings by mid February, as you are going to be too busy with other things later.


Your charm is coming to the limelight and attracts plenty of friends. You could make a good use of this in all kinds of projects, both private and those concerning business. You should enjoy the feeling that you are in the right place at the right time. Now is a good time to make far-reaching decisions concerning your life that will greatly help you get ahead in the future.


There is some unfinished business left from last year that is dragging you down and prevent you from getting a good start this year. Luckily the situation is going to get resolved, an you will be able to advance your future projects. At the same time you will have a chance to see your economical situation more clearly. And then there’s a question regarding your housing.


Planet Mars is prominent in your life at his time, and it is bringing some strong feelings to the surface both at home and work. Although you could tell people about your wishes, you are not yet ready to really share your dreams with others. Something is holding you back, or maybe you hesitate to commit yourself. Listen to your voice of reason even if it conflicts with your heart.


Your work and love life seem to go hand in hand. A possible romance at your working place could demand you to make some decisions. Maybe your partner doubts your motivation. In order to be completely honest you may have to delay giving an answer. Luckily your love life is sorting itself out, and is bound to become much less complicated towards the end of February.


For the next few days it’s really easy for you to get people to understand your message. Your creativity is coming to the forefront and you will discover that some influential people pay attention to what you say. This could also mean a boost to your romance. You should enjoy the weekend to the fullest, as you are right now on the top of your game, and you don’t want to miss the chance.


Family and friends are taking a big chunk of your time, which is actually the continuation of your efforts at the end of last year. Although it’s increasingly easy for you to communicate with people around you, you still shouldn’t let your guard down too much. Some small decisions require your attention, and you should not ignore those as they could become big major questions later.


There’s plenty to do on your free time, and all kinds of people extend invitations to you, but for some reason you seem to be attracted to more serious stuff. Could that be the voice of reason in your head? Although you would like to proceed toward a certain direction, you should not exclude other options as they could very well become relevant and even important some day.


You are on the top of your game and you are very attractive in your social circles. You are making very clear what your ambitions are, and you really are not going to stay in the shadows. Your goal is to use every opportunity to the fullest, especially if there’s a chance to make money. However, you have to be flexible when necessary, and let the life to take its course. You can’t control everything.

23:21 23 Jul , 2024