Ie Island cow sells for record price

Cattle sold at the year’s first JA Ie Island Branch cattle auction at Ie Village Agricltural Center, Jan 15, fetched clearly higher prices than precious year.

In the auction, a 300kg cow was sold for \971,250, the highest price ever at the island auction since the opening of the market in 1964. Some 30 buyers attended the auction from both the island and outside.

Mayor Hideyuki Shimabukuro greeted participants at the start of the auction saying, “Breeders, JA staff and villagers will unite, and will continue to breed first-class cattle. We will ask for everybody’s cooperation.”

The average price of a male calf at the auction was \526,657 that is \88,821 higher than last year. The average price of a female calf was \485,501, which was \93,155 more that a year ago.

04:21 29 Feb , 2024