Iriomote Wildcat cub killed in traffic accident

The Ministry of Environment Iriomote Conservation of Nature Office announced Monday that a newborn cub of Iriomote wildcat, a critically endangered species found only on Iriomote Island, was found dead on a road, apparently a victim of a collision with a car.

Officials at the Nature Conservation office are worried as they pointed out that, “During all of last year, the count of wildcats killed in road accidents was two, but this year only during January two wildcat cubs have been found dead.”

Only a week ago, on Jan. 22, a tourist visiting the Iriomote Island found a cub killed on the street. The time from February through March is the wild cat’s breeding season, and officials urge all motorists to be extremely cautious when driving. They are also planning to begin night patrols in the area as well.

09:40 23 Jun , 2024