Miracle brings quadruplet grandchildren to U.S.-Oki couple

North Daito Island born Satoko Courtland and her husband Carl, current residents of Ohio, U.S., welcomed the birth of quadruplet grandchildren last October 24th.

What makes the event special is the four babies, although sisters and brothers, were born to two women, to Satoko’s second daughter Annie and oldest daughter Chris who was the surrogate mother for two of the babies. First Chris gave birth to twin boys and a couple of weeks later Annie gave birth to twin girls. This being a rare case, the happy event made news not only within Ohio, but nationwide.

Annie was having a hard time conceiving a child after she married, and she went through infertility treatment, including unsuccessfully trying in-vitro fertilization. This is when her older sister Chris offered to be a surrogate mother for her baby. The in-vitro fertilized eggs were implanted in both Annie and Chris, and two weeks later they found that both were pregnant and that both were having twins.

Grandma Satoko was full of happiness, saying “I am so happy that Annie finally was blessed with children, and so grateful to Chris and her family who supported her when she was going through the hormone treatments and through the nine months of pregnancy.”

13:38 14 Jul , 2024