Air Force Staff Sergeant arrested for trespassing

Okinawa City Police arrested 27-year-old U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant, Sunday, on suspicion of trespassing.

According to police investigators, SSgt. Carlton Wade Womble allegedly entered the yard of a private house of an office worker in Chatan about 4:45 a.m. The house owner woke up, discovered Womble on his yard and called the police.

When a police patrol arrived they found Womble on the street near he house. When the police questioned him he denied the charge, and reportedly continues to deny entering the yard. He also refused a breathalyzer test, although the police say that they detected a strong smell of alcohol in his breath.

  • matt99

    Big deal, we’ve been trespassing there for 70 years.

    • selfin

      Matt99 is clearly the product of the American Public School system. What you call trespassing is a byproduct of WWII, and an aggressive Japanese imperial power. I shouldn’t kid myself though, the roots of even considering the US Military presence in Japan is in essence an anti-American belief. It’s in line to the thinking of China, North Korea, and Russia. Good game buddy.

      • matt99

        My father died on that island dirtbag, and I was stationed there for 8 years, think before you speak, dimwad.

        • Selfin

          Ohh excuse me your majesty!!! You’re lying about your father and your service, otherwise you’d never use that to justify your moronic comments.

02:35 24 Apr , 2024