America promises to defend Japan

If China’s war of words with Japan over sovereignty of lands including the disputed Senkaku Islands goes beyond talk, the U.S. has assured Japan the United States has its back.

John Kerry, America’s Secretary of State, made the promise that the United States will defend Japan against any attacks, including attacks over islands China claims as its own, if tensions escalate.  Kerry, who’s soon to visit China, has told Japan he’ll deliver that message directly to Beijing.  Kerry was meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, as he reconfirmed the treaty pact inked in 1960 to promised U.S. protection for Japan in the event of hostilities.

“That includes with respect to the East China Sea,” says Kerry, who continued to express concern over China’s decision in November to initiate a massive Air Defense Identification Zone over virtually all of the East China Sea. Beijing’s move requires countries to notify China whenever their aircraft cross into the area, including the Senkaku Islands in southwest Okinawa Prefecture.  Kerry says the U.S. is not abiding by China’s demands. “The United States neither recognizes nor accepts China’s declared East China Sea ADIZ and the United States has no intention of changing how we conduct operations in the region,” says Kerry.

Kishida, in Washington to try patching up some differences between the two allies, reemphasized that his country values its relationship not only with the U.S., but even with South Korea, in spite of “difficult issues”.  Kishida says the tensions spawned by North Korea make it imperative that the nations work together.“Going forward, we will make tenacious efforts in order to build a cooperative relationship with the Republic of Korea from a broad perspective.”

Kerry covered a wide range of issues in his meeting with Kishida, complimenting Japan on its decision to ratify the Hague Convention measure providing for return of children abducted by a parent and transported across international boundaries.  He is preparing to bring the U.S. point of view to the region in only a few days, trying to sway critics who think the United States is virtually abandoning the region in favor of more focus on the Middle East.

Kerry said he was committed to the goal set in President Barack Obama’s first term of putting a greater U.S. focus on Asia, and said the strategy was impossible without “ironclad guarantees” between the United States and Japan.

  • Tim Johnston

    Japan has since become signatory to the Vague Convention.
    This is where it stands as of May 2014

    The Japanese Govt. has been very sneaky and evasive in handling the cases thus far with all it’s loopholes and quirks in it’s laws.

    So,after signing onto the Hague Convention in Japan. The rules are if you live in a foreign country……They (SAY) they will look into your case and help you? (which is Red Tape)

    Now here is the biggest problem with it…….. If your living in Japan and you are alienated or have an abducted Child they won’t help you!! (Imagine that??)……….Now does that make any sense to all of you??

    So, they expect you to go back to your country and then they say they will help you……Like it’s cheap to come to Japan an pay for you own accommodation and spend months going through it’s clown like Legal system. In which the mother might say she’s busy or working etc. and that will delay the case even longer.

    Furthermore, If your Japanese…. You get a Lawyer, if your a foreigner you have to pay for one (another way to truly help) No, who said Japan isn’t a nationalistic xenophobic place? Good luck finding a lawyer who understands English well enough and understands foreign culture and the true meaning of LOVE.

    The Vague Convention isn’t designed to return or put the Parents in contact with their children thus far. It’s just to quiet the Parent and look like the Japanese are complying and truly trying to help.

    POLITICS in it’s finest form….. Give or sign onto something, but make so many loopholes that it would be hard to get a result in a timely manner. good for the Lawyers though$$$

    MOFA huh!!

    Wish us all luck, cause we need it when dealing with the Japanese Legal System,Politicians and Culture, Where yes means no, and NO means Yes.

    Love and Peace.
    Tim Johnston
    father of:
    Kai Endo Japan

08:32 17 Apr , 2024