Heavy rains cause landslides in Nakagusuku

Heavy rains from Sunday evening through Monday caused two landslides in Tsuha, Nakagusuku, and Shimabukuro, Kitanakagusuku, Both occurred within home yards but there was no damage to the houses or residents.

In Tsuha, a part of a hill slid three meters flowing from all directions into the home premises of 63-year-old Yukie Arakaki. “I have lived here 40 years, but have never experienced this. I am just glad that there was no damage to the house,” she said.

According to officials at Kitanakagusuku Town Office, the house close to the landslide in Shimabukuro was a 20 meters away on all sides of the landslide. The house was also vacant.

03:20 15 Jun , 2024