Himejako clams to be cultivated in Motobu

A blue, light-blue and yellow flower garden seems to spread in the ocean at the Okinawa Sea Farming Center in Kenji, Motobu,

But what seems like a flower garden is actually a man-made reef with tridacna crocea clams, called “himejako” in Japanese, planted for cultivation. The giant clams, which are cultivated for food, will soon become another tourist attraction on the island, and a sightseeing spot for tourists and school excursion trips.

The giant clams are normally used for sashimi and other dishes, but as they take over five years to grow large enough to harvest, the operators at the Sea Farming Center decided to make the clam “field” a tourist site for people to visit during their growth period.

By August of this year, a total of 4,320 clams will be placed on the site, with more to be added in 2015.

02:07 24 Apr , 2024