Feb 06 ~ 12


New ideas are bubbling inside you, and many of them could prove to be quite valuable. You have to select your words carefully, if you notice someone acting in a wrong way or carelessly. If no harm is done there’ no reason to cause ill feelings with someone whose help you could need in the near future. If something bothers you, think why you pay so much attention to mere words.


At this time of the year, you seem to begin to have an urge to be adventurous. Maybe planning a trip to somewhere new would satisfy you, or maybe you are planning to do something more remarkable that has more permanent impact on your life. Either way, there’s certain excitement around you. At work, you should not hide your abilities, but show that you can take responsibility.


Money matters seem to take much of your time, and this is likely necessary to keep a certain level of balance in your life. You would like to spring up a new beginning in this respect, but there’s really very little you can do for it just now. Instead, you must avoid working with too much haste as that could easily result in mistakes than could be difficult and costly to fix later.


You have made a good decision to work to improve your friendships, but don’t forget that you have to approach them individually, and each of them in a different way. For example, a humorous tact may work very well at home, but your colleagues at work could be more somber minded. In your love life you should trust more in your own ideas and express your feelings freely.


This is a busy time that requires you to find a proper balance between your work, family and leisure. You may have to cut out something from your life because of your busy schedule, and that’s all right as long as you don’t damage your health. It will be crystal clear that those around you love you, but don’t forget to show them that you love them, too. It goes both ways.


Make clear to people around you what you want as now you really have a chance to reach your goals. By showing clear enthusiasm about a task at hand you can prove your worth to people who count. If you present the best side of you, you can convince people around that you’re serious. But avoid pushing anyone too much as personal relationships take their time to develop.


You have now plenty of energy, and you could end up on a wrong path regarding money matters if you are too eager. Make sure that you understand all sides of the deal before you commit to anything. And remember that what’s good for you is not necessarily the best option to others involved in the project. In other words, you have to be flexible.


Take a practical stance on changes that are going on in your environment whether they concern your job or home. A thorough analysis is likely to save both time and money, and the seemingly easiest path forward is not necessarily the best in the long run. You have to be more determined when it concerns matters of heart. The other person needs to know what you think.


There are days that you feel like you have a long way to go before you reach your goals. But you should not worry as you will learn that taking some breaks along the way has actually helped you. Listen and trust your heart in matters of love. If it feels right, the chances are that the object of your affection is the right person for you. Just wait and see, and the pieces will find their place.


It’s important that the way and manner you present yourself and your ideas is just right. Unfortunately, those who are looking at you are judging you more based on their impression than your actual abilities. Make yourself clear in your relationship with your lover. You don’t want any misconception in that regard. But don’t trust on mirages either. You are way too nice sometimes.


Try to keep your positive attitude this week, as this is the time of the year many people stop, and start thinking about the past. Do not let the shadow of doubt to spoil your good mood. If you want to remember something from the past that would be the time when you were successful even though you did not expect it. A healthy diet and plenty of outdoors would lift your spirits.


Even though this week started slow and easy, the events this weekend could have far-reaching consequences. You should try something different and challenging. Although you may feel powerless in front of your future, and think that there’s not much you can do about it, the fact is that only you can make an impact on it. It all depends on what kind of attitude you take.

02:26 24 Apr , 2024