Feb 20 ~ 26


Now is the right time to improve your money situation. You can trust that you are able to make necessary changes that would benefit everyone close to you. But you have to wait until you see that your ideas really work. Many people will criticize you, but you should stand your ground, and let the time prove you are right. This weekend you can expect to have a good time.


Be ready to ask opinions of other people regarding a problem you are facing. It could be enlightening to find out how the others see your situation. Being flexible could lead you to a completely new path in your life, and you would be in a better position to evaluate your possibilities. Concentrate on things that you can change, and don’t worry about things that you can’t control.


Although you are on the right path, don’t try to hurry up. It seems that not everyone are doing their fair share, but they could have their own reasons for that. You should find out why, if possible. You should also be open about a problem you had recently. After all, you can’t go on if you don’t face the facts squarely. Once you resolve this, you are free to concentrate on you future.


Someone is trying your patience, and this is not the first time. Try to keep your cool, even if it’s difficult. When you take an adult stance on this, you have won. It could be that your partner is suffering from a selective hearing. You should test if you get more attention if you play unconcerned. This could also help you to find something new about yourself to your satisfaction.


This weekend and early next week could be quite confusing. People seem to change their mind constantly, and that’s the biggest problem. It’s difficult to figure out your colleagues at work, and those close to you don’t seem to be able to make a decision. You should just immerse yourself into your own plans. You must remember that you have to solve your own problems first.


You have a desire to get something done in a hurry. Your partner has some ideas, but you should make clear that you are not interested in recycling old ideas. Someone is going to praise you, probably at work. Although this is satisfying, you will discover that the most difficult part is to be modest when it comes to your own achievements. But you can still enjoy the attention.


Something that your have waited for a long time is going to come true soon. It’s going to cheer you and your family up nicely. You are looking for something new, maybe a small adventure. When you discuss about your plans for a vacation, make clear that you want to visit somewhere new. No one is going to be against you if you take a positive stance instead of an argument.


When someone wants to share information with you, listen carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask for details, if you don’t get it right away. This would ensure that you succeed yourself, and at the same time you are able to help others. You could oppose everything but that would not advance your agenda. You can expect some special company this weekend. Be prepared for that.


Someone is trying to pull your leg, and that’s irritating. You could even feel that it’s an insult in your intelligence. Do people think that you are stupid? However, more likely it’s a question of poor information or communication. Don’t pay so much attention to what other people do. You have your own life to live, and you can expect everything to look brighter after the weekend.


The weekend could be a little confusing, but the best thing would be just to be yourself. It’s easy for others to lead you where they want when you are confused, so keep your feet to the ground. Concentrating on your job could be a way to keep your mind focused and even have some monetary advantage. Avoid making quick decisions, but think all open alternatives carefully.


Is someone trying to limit you somehow? Make clear that it won’t happen, and only leads to waste of time and energy. Avoid the company of people with a negative attitude. Use your charms and tacks when someone presents an idea that sounds outsight stupid. You can expect to meet an old friend in an unorthodox way. You have plenty of common, and time can fly unnoticed.


Someone is going to provide you with a rather astonishing information, and that could change the direction of your life. Organize your money matters once and for all and then decide that in the future you will keep them in order. You can get rid of an unwelcome idea by telling everyone around the truth. Be tactful but there’s no use to try to dress up the facts.

21:36 24 Jun , 2024