Feb 27 ~ Mar 5


It’s especially important at this point that you keep an open mind. Planets are now aligned the way that you have a good chance to move your life to a much better direction. Do not let anyone to limit your future only because up to now that has been the norm. You must be brave and take charge of your life. Once you get going you will find the energy and drive you’ll ever need.


At last you are offered a possibility to organize your finances once and for all. You will need patience to see that everything is taken care of till the end. You could experience a conflict with someone close to you over the weekend. You must make this person understand that sometimes too much is too much. Once you can agree on that point, you can find peace and harmony.


There’s a strong emotional charge in the air, and that could prompt someone to make you a proposal. You must be tactful if your answer is “No!” At work everything seems very promising, but you can’t make a decision before you take your time to get familiar with the new opportunity that comes up. In any case, keep a positive attitude when someone brings you a novel idea.


Try to be more supportive of others when they present you with new ideas. Some of those could prove to be very useful, but you both must be ready to be flexible. Slow down if you start feeling that you have taken on too many responsibilities. If nothing else you have to keep in mind your good reputation. Being tired all the time does no good for you in the eyes of your colleagues.


Is there something that did not work exactly the way you had planned and hoped for? Do not panic, and be patient. Later on some people are likely to change their mind, and the situation will be corrected. You could also find someone who will become very important in your life and open up completely new angles for you to see the world. Don’t forget the power of imagination.


Something that you have waited for a long time is finally starting to bear fruit, and in a matter of fact, will prove to be much more successful that you could have imagined. This could be a surprise to you, and there’s nothing wrong in this situation, if you take a step or two back in order to collect your thoughts. Although you would like to do things your way, cooperation is the key.


Sudden changes of direction by your partner could take you by surprise, but you should try not to over-react. Give yourself a little time, and you will see that everything is all right after all. A little flexibility and adjustment is all that it takes from you. You need the same attitude at work, especially when you are dealing with a large number of colleagues, all with their own ideas.


Taking a more positive attitude in general would save you from many worries. You would find out that by giving a little of your time to others would advance your own plans at the same time. Most things would start to roll on their own, and you can enjoy the results in the future. Take time this weekend to spend with your family, and preferably plan something special.


You are going to have more time in your hands, so the next few days promise to be on positive not in many ways. A thought of a romance may also cross your mind, and if you have someone special in your mind, go for it, but don’t set your pans in motion in the last minute. Well planned ahead is better. Your finances also seem to get a boost, and in general, Lady Luck is with you.


This is the time for you to pay close attention to your domestic life and relationships. There’s someone who may have become too demanding, and your relationship is out of balance. This situation could get out of hand, especially if a romantic aspect enters the picture. Maybe you have to be ready to show your resolve, but try not to get stressed up with this too much.


There’s a situation related to your love life that seems to become active a little bit late, not for the Valentine’s day as you had expected. As a result, your relationship seems to have somehow gotten easier, and that pleases you. But now you have to make a decision whether to pull back or charge ahead. Whichever way you choose, you could at least enjoy the ride and excitement.


Both money and love could come to your way this weekend, so you should be prepared for some exciting moments. The time flies by, and you will notice that you still have plenty to do, but just leave it for later. If you want to enjoy the weekend, just go ahead this time. Problems and work don’t go anywhere, and you’ll have plenty of new energy to face them again next week.

01:56 24 Apr , 2024