Kume Island erects monument to celebrate Rakuten’s baseball championship

Kume Island unveiled a monument, Feb. 2, in honor of pro-baseball team Rakuten Eagles’ last season championship. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles conducts their annual spring training camp on Kume Island.

On the stone monument is engraved a text that reads “Celebrating Japan’s #1”. The monument weighs 3.5 tons, is two meters wide, and 1.2 meters high, and it cost ¥10 million.

Senichi Hoshino, the coach of the Rakuten Eagles attended the unveiling ceremony along with Town Mayor Tomoyuki Taira. Also, representatives from the Rakuten Eagles Kume Island Organization attended the ceremony, and presented the team Kume Island made products such as shrimp, awamori, soba, miso, tuna and more.

Mayor Tomoyukio Taira said encouraged the team saying. “Please restore the team players’ energy by eating our island products.”

02:39 24 Apr , 2024