Kyued Up – using business to design the future of Okinawa!

By Edo Heinrich-Sanchez

Kyued Up is a pioneering initiative that brings together scientists, designers and entrepreneurs to propose new businesses for Okinawa and you can be part of it!

Kyued Up is an interactive workshop that uses Design Thinking, a methodology developed at Stanford University. Design Thinking puts people and their needs at the center of the innovation process and has been successfully utilized around the world to create new products and services in fields such health care, business and education.

Kyued Up aims to foster innovation and to promote the sustained development of Okinawa and has partnered with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST). Starting February 15, participants will identify local challenges and prototype solutions while incorporating feedback from the community.

Everyone is invited to join Kyued Up! If you live in Okinawa and can visit Onna, then you can apply to become a Local Expert. If selected, you will get a unique “behind the scenes” view and an opportunity to experience Design Thinking in person.

If you can’t visit Kyued Up@ in person, you can still share your skills and expertise through the online platform. Review business proposals and provide insights on opportunities in Okinawa. This is an incredible chance to work with an international community from Google, World Bank, USAID, MIT and Cambridge University.

Support Kyued Up by sharing this opportunity with your network. We welcome talented and passionate people.

Kyued Up will be held every Saturday afternoon between February 15 and March 29, so be sure to join us in designing the future of Okinawa through business!

Visit and join the Kyued Up community to start designing the future of Okinawa!

02:21 24 Apr , 2024