Man arrested for attempted abduction of school girl

Okinawa Prefecture Police arrested a 46-year-old Urasoe man, Tuesday, on suspicion of an attempt to abduct an elementary school girl in Motobu, in northern Okinawa. The man has admitted to the charge. A 59-year-old woman who witnessed the attempt and rescued the girl, gave the testimony that lead to the arrest.

According to police investigators, the witness told them that the man parked his car at an intersection near a school and asked the girl to get into the car. When she refused, he grabbed her and tried to shove the girl into his car. The woman saw what was happening from her window, and went to the girl’s rescue.

Immediately, the man took off, but by the woman called police an was able to tell investigators the license plate number of the car and accurately describe the suspect’s appearance.  The police then went and arrested him.

02:58 24 Apr , 2024