Missing Naha diver, four others found alive in Indonesia

Five of the seven female divers that went missing Feb. 14 in Bali, Indonesia, were found alive on Monday, clinging to a reef some 15 miles from the spot where they had disappeared. Two of the group are still missing.

One in the group was identified as 33-year-old Emi Yamamoto, a diving shop instructor from Naha City, originally from Mie Prefecture.

According to Indonesian rescue authorities, 10 ships and helicopters were sent to look for the missing. On the fourth day, a fishing boat crew spotted five of the divers on a reef, but they were unable to pick them up because of rough seas. A helicopter sent to the scene picked up one of the five, 37-year-old Saori Furukawa, and dropped food and water to the rest of the group. The helicopter took Furukawa to a hospital, and later on Monday, the rest were finally picked up by a boat that took them to the closest beach.

They were taken to a local hospital where they were reported to be in a relatively good shape with only minor abrasions and sunburns.

The search for the two still missing members of the group continues.

  • Larry Muse

    I’m a little confused with the story. Were they diving off a boat or went off from the beach?? Neither article I’ve read indicates they were diving off a boat.

12:21 22 Apr , 2024