Naha showcases its homemade products

A week-long Products of Naha Fair is under way at the Ryubo Palette Kumoji.

Admission is free for the daily 10:30 a.m. ~ 8:30 p.m. product fair, taking place on the 6th Floor through next Monday.  The 36th annual event introduces products such as sweets made from Okinawan made miso, melon and more. Also, soft senbei (rice cracker), roast chicken, pork nakami (intestine) soup, sushi rolls, purple sweet potato chips and even fresh vegetables.

The foods, all local delicacies, are popular with Okinawans, and the free exhibition at the 6th Floor Exhibition Hall at Ryubo is the place for local vendors to strut their stuff.  Foods of Okinawa, including the red sweet potato, an acerola, brown sugar and the tuna dish spotlighting the city fish of Naha, will all be available.

From across the nation, 41 kinds of famous packaged station lunches will be available.  In the ‘Eat-in-Corner’ where visitors can grab something to eat on the run, there will be Okinawan noodles from Kame soba main store.  In handicrafts, a cone type pipe speaker and woodwork will be on exhibit, and then sold.

Maruichi Meat Shop will demonstrate pork meat cutting daily on weekdays at 1 and 5 p.m. when a professional meat cutter shows what comes from which part of the pig, and how its chopped. On Feb. 22nd through 24th there is Naha Curry Grand Prix where various Naha curry shops cook their stuff, visitors taste samples, and vote for the winner.

11:24 22 Apr , 2024