Okiham aims to make softshell turtles new success product

Okiham Co. has succeeded in breeding and growing softshell turtles in an industrial scale, and has developed a new commercial product that has been for sale on store shelves from this month. Softshell turtle dishes, known as “suppon” in Japanese, have long been regarded as beneficial to health in Okinawa and Far East Asian countries.

The company has built a facility that has currently some 25,000 softshell turtles growing. According to Okiham, Okinawa’s climate is perfect for breeding the turtles, and the company is planning to establish a new facility in Motobu Town within this year to grow the turtles,

According to Okiham President Tokumatsu Nagahama, “The softshell turtle contains plenty of collagen, amino acid and other nutrients. We hope to provide softshell turtle products and dishes at reasonable prices, and become to be known as a healthy food supplier of a popular dish beneficial for longevity.”

02:37 24 Apr , 2024