Okinawan singers in N.Y.

Music group “Music from Japan” that promotes Japanese traditional and modern music performed at an Okinawan Music Concert in New York on Feb. 22nd to an audience of about 100 people.

Performing were singer-song writer Isamu Shimoji from Miyako Island, and Ishigaki Island’s Yukito Ara and Shinobu Matsuda. They played a variety of Okinawan songs with the sounds of sanshin echoing throughout the hall. The show closed with the traditional kachashi dance, to which some of the audience also joined.

Singer Isamu Shimoji was excited and said, “I’m so overwhelmed to perform in the huge city of New York singing in Miyako dialect.”

66-year-old Bill Thompson who attended the concert seemed satisfied after the performance, and said, “Okinawan traditional music uses different instruments and has different rhythm from that of mainland Japan. My interest towards Okinawa has grown after experiencing this show.”

03:21 24 Apr , 2024