Okinawa’s largest stationery/book store to re-open

Major book retailing company Junkudo opened a large shop in Naha in April 2009. Since the opening, the sales at the store have continued to be stable reaching ¥130 million in one month at their peak.

Now, the company has decided to completely remodel the store, and join teams with a stationery specialist store, Maruzen. According to the company statement, “Finally last year our numbers turned positive. However, our new project may seem a bit drastic, and there may be some worries among some of our regular customers, but after this joint venture with Maruzen, we will be able to have the latest stationery products and books all on our shelves, making the store a book land every customer can enjoy.”

Currently the store is closed, and preparations are continuing for the grand opening on Feb. 22nd.

11:31 22 Apr , 2024