Okukubi Dam completed

The construction of Okukubi Dam in Kin Town was completed on Feb. 1st, and a ceremony to celebrate the completion was held.

The new dam will provide a reliable water supply to some 22,000 citizens starting in April. The construction of the dam began in 1993 as the Okinawa East District Comprehensive River Development Project. The water capacity of the dam is 10 times that of the Kin Dam, a total of 5.36 million cubic meters.

The Okukubi dam is the world’s first trapezoid-shaped CSG (Cemented Sand and Gravel) dam, which is low-cost to build and reduces the burden to the environment. CSG is a new material for dam construction that was developed in Japan to realize the best use of materials produced near the site during a dam construction.

17:20 17 Apr , 2024