Onoyama FamilyMart dresses up in Giants’ theme

One of Japan’s most storied pro-baseball teams, the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, is currently holding the team’s spring training camp at Onoyama Baseball Stadium in Naha. To mark the occasion, a FamilyMart convenience store in Onoyama was dressed up in Giant’s image, Feb. 13.

The shop has decorated their front with panel posters of six of the Giant’ players. There is also a panel inside of the store. The players in the posters are Tomoyuki Kanno, Tetsuya Naikai, Shinnosuke Abe, Yuto Sakamoto, Shuichi Murata, and the Okinawa-born player, Yosuke Miyaguni..

An Okinawa FamilyMart spokesman says, “We hope to cheer up the fans and players during the camp season, and hope to receive many Giants’ fans to visit.”

13:02 22 Apr , 2024