And this week’s winner is…

Julie DeGuzman from California is the lucky winner of this week’s Japan Update raffle. She won a ¥2,500 gift certificate to Indian Restaurant Indira, the first Indian restaurant to introduce southern Indian cuisine to Okinawa. The restaurant that opened just six months ago is located in Miyazato, Uruma City.

Julie and her family have lived on Okinawa three years, and are scheduled to leave the island in November. To where is still an open question that she says will be answered soon.

She describes her time and experiences on Okinawa by one work, “Awesome!” She says that it’s been fun and interesting to explore the island, and to get to know its people and culture. “I absolutely love Okinawa soba, it’s awesome food and very tasty,” she enthuses. She also likes to explore the island’s reefs by snorkeling whenever possible.

“I still want to find time to visit Shuri Castle, and make a trip to Kerama islands as I have heard that snorkeling and diving there is the best,” she says, adding that the only thing she is waiting for is the weather to get a little warmer before she goes.

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05:00 15 Jun , 2024