And this week’s winner is…

This week’s winner of the weekly JU raffle is Naomi Molina from El Paso, TX, who can enjoy watching a Ryukyu Golden Kings bj-League basketball game next time when they play on their home court with a pair of tickets she won.

Naomi and her family have lived on Okinawa four years, and have four more left as they are scheduled to move on in 2018. She says that Okinawa has been a wonderful place for her and her family to live for the past four years. “This island is really beautiful, and completely different from my home town, which is a city located in the middle of a desert,” she explains.

She says her two favorite foods are sushi and ramen noodles, and can’t say which she likes more. She likes to spend time close to the ocean as much as possible, and is planning a trip to the Keramas sometime in the future.

She enjoys reading local news and articles of events around the island in Japan Update, as she likes to drive around and take in as much of the local culture as possible.

To participate in Japan Update weekly raffle, just go to, and click on “Raffle Entry” where you can see the prize of the current raffle. Then sign up and good luck!

09:52 23 Jun , 2024