Child abuse cases at highest on record

According to a Feb. 6th report by the National Police Agency, the number of reported cases of child abuse hit the highest on record last year. The assessment is based on the number of consultations on child abuse at the Child Upbringing Consultation Center and nation’s family courts.

The total number was 21,603 that is the highest on record, and 5,216 more than a year before. In Okinawa, was a total count of reported cases was 47.

The statistics were started in 2004 when the number of cases was 962, and since then, the count has increased every year, growing 20-fold in 10 years.

By category, the highest type of abuse was verbal that counted for 49.3% of the cases or a total of 12,344, followed by physical abuse that counted for 17.8% or 6,150 cases. 8.2%, or 2,960 cases were neglect, like when the parent does not feed the child.

  • okiharley

    Everytime a parent doesn’t put a baby/child in a secured car seat, they should be charged with child abuse. This violation is running rampant in Okinawa.

13:14 14 Jul , 2024