Currency exchange center robbed at knifepoint in Chatan

A man entered a currency exchange center in Chatan brandishing a knife a little before noon, Sunday, and robbed the shop of nearly two million yen worth of cash.

According to Okinawa City Police, the robber, who the female sole employee in the shop at the time described looking like a foreigner, had a fruit knife type blade that he pointed at the 35-year-old woman employee demanding money. The robber grabbed a total of 800,000 Japanese yen and 9,400 US dollars from the shop and ran away. The employee was not injured.

Investigators say, the man seemed to be in his 30s, about 175 cm tall, and was wearing a black ski mask and black hooded sweatshirt and jeans. According to the employee, “The man looked like from a foreign country. He talked really fast and didn’t stop talking. It all happened so fast, my mind just went blank.”

Nearby neighbors confirmed they had noticed an unfamiliar white sedan-type vehicle about 100 meters from the scene of the robbery. Police are looking into possible connection between the car and the robbery.

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    Man with ski mask on, looked like from a foreign country and he talked really fast…LOL. Did he asked for money in Japanese or English. Details please Japanupdate.

11:05 21 Feb , 2024