Goat dishes promoted

The Okinawa Prefecture Livestock Division held a cooking contest and food tasting event consisting of 14 dishes that used goat meat as an ingredient at Sazan Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa in Itoman City.

This event was a part of an ongoing project the Okinawa Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is doing to promote Okinawan livestock businesses.

Standard goat dishes such as goat soup and sashimi were presented side by side with new dishes that are aimed to a younger audience as well as for tourists. Goat meat was used in Japanese, western and Chinese-style dishes, and using lard from goat meat, well-known Okinawan chinsuko cookies were also made.

A panel of judges consisted of established restaurant business owners and goat meat enthusiasts.

Based on the good feedback from the event, Okinawa Livestock Division is planning to increase the amount of goat meat to be produced.

19:27 14 Jul , 2024