Mar 6 ~ 12


Planet Mars exercises strong influence on your zodiac, and that makes you tempted to say people around you what you really think about them. But you have to think about the consequences, too. Remember, there are many roads to success, and you should think about them all carefully before you act. An older relative would be a good source of advice when you think you need it.


If someone has been a needle under your skin, it would be better for that person to change tunes. Otherwise he or she is in for hearing some choice words from you. As it is, you are often too agreeable and avoid arguments, and often this is not to your advantage. Try to avoid the company of people who poison the atmosphere with their sneer comments and constant gossiping.


You may have to wait for the success a little longer even though you have worked hard for it. This is the time for patience. At home everything goes much better. Spending time with your loved ones creates memorable moments that help you to handle problems outside. Keep your cool, and don’t hesitate to take risks when it’s necessary. Doing nothing never brings rewards.


You should now concentrate on your career and challenges that come with it. You also have to show your enthusiasm to your colleagues, otherwise they could question your dedication. The company of your people could now be a source of inspiration to you, when you find yourself mired in a conflict. But do not forget people who mean you the most. You always have their backing.


Try to get hold of a person with whom you have wanted to meet for some time. Do not think that this person might not want to meet you. You can’t win anything if you don’t even try. A plan that has been floating around lately seems to come true. Although this time is increasingly exciting, you have to remember to check all the details very carefully before going ahead.


You could not choose a better weekend to work on an important and very personal relationship to advance it to a better footing. There’s something that has come to a conclusion but need a final touch. Being considerate and showing a positive attitude will crown your efforts. Be firm but at the same time take care of those around you. You will need their help in the future.


You may fins a strong desire to contact someone from your past. But do you know any reason why you should not listen to the voice in your heart? You feel that you should follow your feelings when it comes to matters of love. The question is, are you going to lose this possibility in front of you? Hopefully not. A little courage gets you always further than hesitation.


If you make a decision now that people have waited for a long time, it could lift a considerable weigh from your shoulders. Planet Venus is urging you to listen to your heart. It could stress you out if you try to control your feeling too much, so finding a balance is important. It is important to be careful on what kind of a picture of yourself you give. People take you for real now.


Work offers no many possibilities that you should take notice of, even if they at first seem to be too utopian. If you look for a chance to have some rest, seek people who can support you in your endeavors. There are many who have not seen you for some time who would be very happy to meet you again. You should let bygones be bygones and look forward to a new beginning.


You should cheer up people in your social circles who are depressed, by reminding them about good times you had together. It seems that many people are having a hard time and they are somehow lost. This in turn affects everyone around. But helping them should not be a license to pile up everything on your plate. Exercising a good common sense is necessary.


An idea of a far-reaching agreement could be in for a setback. Could the reason be something that came to the light recently? Do not hesitate to withdraw if your best judgment so dictates. Trust on your intuition. Someone in your family needs your advice. But you have to be ready to read between the lines in order to get the right picture of the situation. Only then  you can help.


Would you like to rein in your spending and at the same time please your lover? Sounds impossible, but you can manage both by panning carefully. You have to use your imagination and creativity. And the position of planet Venus also helps as it shines confidence into you, and enhances your charms and understanding. The most difficult part is to believe in yourself.

23:05 23 Jul , 2024