Mar 13 ~ 19


Money matters are on the forefront this week. This could be the right time to put a plan you have had in your head for some time into action. But try to do something about your love life in order to get it into some kind of a balance. Maybe you have been so busy at work that you have forgotten that you have a private life, too! Do something about it, and you just might meet someone special.


The focus at this time is on home, family and friends. Get involved in those three, and enjoy your life. Keep one eye on possible money problems, though, and deal with them right away when you notice a smallest hint. Good human relationship will prove to be invaluable from early on. And leave people who see the world mainly on negative terms to worry about everything by themselves.


This weekend is going to be interesting. You can expect unforeseen passions flame in your love life, although those who are in a steady relationship could face some discord, most likely in the realm of money matters. You have to decide, how important those money matters are for you. Giving in some ground could prove to be an effective, although also a bit annoying way ahead.


Work and personal matters are going to be in the limelight over the next week or so. Maybe you should be a little more adventurous. There could be some ideas that you have pushed aside that would merit a new attention. Maybe you should consider a partnership if the terms are right. You have much to think about, and making hasty conclusions would be the worst way ahead.


Try to keep you spirits up and stay enthusiastic even if everything seems to move so slowly. Luckily you have your home, friends and family that bring joy into your days. You could really use some extra cash although there are many people around you who think the same way. A promise of a near future vacation with your lover brings you joy. The only thing to decide is where to go.


Are you looking for answers to your questions? You should look into the past to find them. Pay attention to movements of money that are taking place around you. Should you delegate more responsibility to someone else? When it comes to romance, you are in a very sensitive mood. Could this be the right time for a special relationship? Taking a bolder attitude could give you the answer.


Attempts to warm up an old relationship bring mixed results. The point is, some things take their time. Pay attention to your money, especially, make sure that you have enough cash. Do not leave anything to a chance. If problems pop up, don’t hesitate to ask a knowledgeable and influential friend for an advice. Because planet Venus influences you so much emotionally, you need help of an expert.


Some moves you have made recently that are related to your love life are starting to look promising. If the feelings are mutual, everything could proceed very quickly, indeed. There could be some setbacks at your working place, but patience will pay off. Maybe there is someone who should swallow his or her pride a little from time to time. It can’t be that everything falls always on you.


After the hectic beginning of the year if would be a good idea to take a pause and evaluate the situation. The most important point is that you know yourself what you want. Love could seem to be vulnerable or vacillating at times, but that does not mean it’s less desirable. You can be sure that others like you if you are just yourself. Trying to put on an act never works in the long run.


Love and ambition are what you will have in your mind this weekend. There two are completely intertwined when you look for a new beginning on many fronts. New acquaintances bring you feelings of freshness and new winds. An because of these positive feelings, you love life could well find a new spark and start blooming like never before. Just make sure you get out and meet people.


Because of plant Venus, love seems to surround you from every side. But you have to meet it halfway so, do not just sit there waiting for others to move first, but stake your own position well ahead in order to be ready. An idea that you have had in your head for a long time could start proving to be a profitable one. Maybe it’s the time to start putting it into action little by little.


This period is going to be peaceful and relaxing giving you time to thing over what has happened over the past few weeks. If something did not go the way you wanted, maybe you should take it up once more from a new angle. Maybe this is not the right time for a certain idea or undertaking, and you should rein in your imagination and concentrate on practical aspects of your projects.

16:36 21 Apr , 2024