Mar 27 ~ Apr 2


This weekend will be the beginning of a dynamic period in your life, and you can easily notice how healthy eating and physical activity affects your mood. That is exactly what you need now. Everything is going smooth at home, and the good work you do with your friends is appreciated. It becomes clear that people do not take you for granted. However, try to keep things more in your own hands.


You should pay special attention to your love life. You can’t expect that everything would take care of itself, but be ready to work for your relationship. You dreams feel much more possible and real if you share them with another person. And remember also that the other person could have creative ideas and suggestions. You should be ready to see things from new perspective sometimes.


Your efforts to generate extra income seem promising. Take some time to thing through your plans for the future as that could speed up the time for your dreams come true. However, remember that everything can change, and you have to be ready to change at the same pace. One of your wilder guesses is going to be a hit, and that surprises even you. But now you know how to act.


Do you ever feel that life should be more than work every day? This weekend could give you a chance to think more about spiritual and moral aspects of your life. Although that could lead you to question your faith, there are many good reasons to keep it as is. There is one relationship that is becoming more of a burden. You should take some distance as that would be good for both of you in the long run.


Your sensitivity and strong intuition are coming to the fore. Somehow you just know what is right and what is wrong. Although the life is seldom black and white, in this special instance your intuition serves you right. You may need a new approach to your way of handling money. This weekend promises to be light and comfortable, and someone is going to make you happy in a special way.


You may have to start organizing some money matters sooner that you had expected. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but trust on your own experience instead. Someone is going to approach you with suggestions on how to improve your overall health. A romance could also be in cards. Whether it’s only a little flirting or something more, is entirely up to you. But pay attention.


This time of the year is unbelievably romantic time for all Libras. There is this strong sense of closeness between you and your lover, and you can strengthen the relationship that is so important to you. Some Libras could even decide to look up one of their old relationships and begin to take it more seriously. Whatever you decide your goal to be, this promises to be life at its best.


Your relationships become the focus this weekend and next week, and at times they could be very strong and passionate. The thing to remember is to be open and honest. This is not a time for secrets. You can also expect your vision of the future to become clearer, and that will bring stability and predictability into your life. You have much to learn, but you can be confident of your luck.


Trust on your own ideas when you make a decision. Sit down and think various alternatives. Others think about you as very attractive, although you could feel sometimes that they go overboard with all their interest and praise about you. Try to believe more in yourself, because you really are worth everything they say. It’s time to pay attention to your physical condition as the beach season begins.


You can expect to face a period of almost magical proportions, full of possibilities and romance. Make use of your clear vision regarding your future and hopes. Even though you know what path to take from now on, use our imagination and intuition along the way to guide you to your goal. Your social life is going to pick up in an unexpected manner but to your great satisfaction.


You should look for new possibilities to improve your money situation by thinking outside the box. And don’t be afraid to ask for an advice from a professional. Keep the reins tightly in your own hands, and do not consider anything to be true until you have seen all the facts yourself. You are going to be given more responsibilities so it’s important that you pay attention to your health.


You feel yourself sharp and active, and you can make the best of it. Although it’s a given that the opposite sex is interested in you, it would be good to be conscious about that. You can expect many good things to happen both at work and on the home front. The only thing that you have to watch is your temper. As your feelings run high you have to think carefully what you say in order not to spoil the mood.

02:04 28 May , 2024