Kitanakagusuku Village opens Road Station

Kitanakagusuku Village opened its own Road Station or “Michi-no Eki” as they are known in Japanese, at its Atta district, on Feb. 26th.

The new facility named Kita-Gyo will provide an outlet for Kitanakagusuku’s seafood and farm produce. The focus will be especially on fresh fish and seaweed products.

At the opening ceremony Mayor Kunio Arakaki said, “There have been many requests to built a Michi-no Eki in the village. I hope to receive assistance of many village residents to make Kita-Gyo an even better place.”

Store manager Yasunobu Tanaka stated, “I hope the store will be one where the residents can come to enjoy and find fresh food, and as an antenna-shop.”

03:25 29 Feb , 2024