Marine arrested for driving wrong way on expressway, DUI

A police patrol arrested a 21-year-old Marine stationed on Camp Courtney after he was found driving wrong way on Okinawa Expressway, early Saturday morning. He is also suspected of driving under influence.

According to police, they received a phone call about 5 a.m. Saturday morning alerting them of a vehicle that was seen running wrong way on the expressway near Nishihara exit. They stopped the car at the tollgate, and administered a breathalyzer test to the driver, Sgt. Cody Black. It showed he had three times the limit of alcohol in his breath, and he was arrested.

Police say Black had made a U-turn after passing the Nishihara exit in order to get back to the exit ramp. Black has admitted to the charges.

  • Veronica Gangnier

    shithead, just making things worse for Gate 2 Street and everybody else….

    • bobby

      that place still exists?

  • BlahJU

    What a shining example of Marine Corps leadership. Of course it’s the biased Japanese media that’s making him look like he did something wrong. It’s not his fault Japan drives on the wrong side of the road!
    (end sarcasm)

    Come on… 3 times the legal limit here still isn’t *that* bad (that’s like 4 or 5 beers maybe…yeah, drunk, but not “let’s go drive the wrong way on the expressway” drunk). I find it hard to believe his judgement would be all that impaired at that level unless he was already an bumbling idiot. He does not deserve to be a “Sergeant of Marines”. I’d go so far to say that many 21 year olds don’t yet deserve that title.

  • John450

    He just forgot his toll pass and was going back to get it. When he turned around a beer sloshed around and some got in his mouth. No big deal.

  • John450

    Does that mean he had to get another toll pass?

  • bobby

    again and again, what part of “don’t drink and drive” was not understood, or is the saying “do drink and drive”

04:00 29 Feb , 2024