Okinawa Jazz Guild Orchestra stars at weekend “Spring Festival”

Jazz has had its ups and downs on Okinawa in recent years as the Okinawa Jazz Guild Orchestra, a band playing big band jazz, broke up and then reemerged at a Plaza House concert in December.

The Jazz Guild Orchestra has been loved by many, and fans were shocked three years ago to hear of the group’s breakup.  They were pleasantly surprised late last year to learn the orchestra was back together.

This time they come together Sunday at the Okinawa Prefecture Museum and Art Museum in Omoromachi, Naha, for an afternoon of performances with other bands from Okinawa at the museum’s “Spring Festival”. The other performers include Beni Mshenze. Momen, Suzy☆Hikkake and Invisible Papillons.

About half a dozen restaurants and bars will set up booths to sell food and drinks during the event. The Okinawa Jazz Guild Orchestra “Spring Festival” take place on Sunday starting 12:45 p.m. at Okinawa Prefecture Museum & Art Museum, and continues until 6 p.m.

Tickets cost ¥1,000 for junior high school students and older, and are available at the door. Elementary school students and younger can attend free. The location of Okinawa Prefecture Museum & Art Museum is at

02:28 27 Feb , 2024