Parade for independence for Ryukyu held on Kokusai Street

Some 60 people marched along Kokusai Street in Naha on Mar. 21 in a parade called “Ryukyu Independence Parade for the Peace.”

People participating in the parade had a message stating “We should become independent from Japan and become the bridge between East Asia and the world”. The parade started from the prefectural office and proceeded to Makishi Park through the Kokusai Street.

One of the participants, 65-year-old Chousuke Yara stated, “The government pushes on us military bases, making Okinawa to become a battle field in yet another war. We have done many campaigns against the military bases, but have now been driven to desire independence. This same thought has came to many citizens, which is why this parade was made possible.”

13:40 25 May , 2024