Reputed gang boss arrested for threats and violence

Naha Police arrested 69-year-old Shigeru Yamashiro, the alleged boss of Kokuryukai criminal syndicate, Mar. 11, on suspicion of threatening an office worker in his 40’s on Jan. 27th. The man was also attacked and suffered injuries.

Also arrested was 44-year-old Eiji Tomori who is suspected of assaulting and robbing the victim.

According to Naha Police, Yamashiro threatened the office worker on Jan. 27th. Later on the same day, Tomori allegedly assaulted the man on a parking lot in Asato, Naha City, kicking him on stomach and punching him on his face.

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    Reputed? and gang boss; does not make sense

11:32 28 Feb , 2024