Color film of Shuri Castle during the war surfaces

An organization formed by citizens of Usa, Oita Prefecture, to gather documents of the Pacific War, has released color images of Shuri Castle filmed before it burned down during the war.

The video made from the film was shown to the press on Apr. 20th. A U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft shot the film in 1945. 27-year-old Yusuke Oda from Oita says, “This might be the first images of Shuri Castle found in color.” The video is 37 seconds long and was taken sometime in mid April, 1945, before the Shuri Castle burned down.

It will be shown to the public May 10th at the 10th Aviation Corps Peace Walk in Oita Prefecture.

A clip of the film can be seen (in a Japanese news program) at

07:18 18 Jun , 2024