Enjoying Okinawa paradise doesn’t mean ‘expensive’

Karin’s yard has plenty of space to enjoy barbeque and party.

A vacation on Okinawa is often thought of as meaning an expensive stay at a luxury resort, complete with immaculate beaches, but there are other options available at a lesser price that do NOT mean a bare-bones bed in a noisy, crowded location.

The cottage features wood paneling throughout its entire interior.

There’s much to be said for Okinawa’s quality resort hotels, complete with yummy buffets, dinners and bars near the beach, but there’s another side to enjoying the beauty and tranquility Okinawa offers, without the expense.  Check out a pension stay, which has many of the amenities, but goes soft on the wallet.  There are many pension cottages at Onna Village, including KARIN design cottage that presents an equally memorable experience, and without some of the monetary hassle.

In Onna, it takes just a couple of minutes to be on an amazing beach at cottage KARIN, and even the road to the beach offers the nature Okinawa is famous for.  Green and more green surround visitors, and there’s the fresh scent of nature and the sounds of birds tweeting. It’s the same gorgeous relaxation as at any high grade hotels.

The main entrance to the cottage.

Of course there’s no need to act or behave like someone staying at a gorgeous hotel; simply pay no attention to the fact the savings are significant compared to the resort stay. There’s luxury of time to be alone, or with family or friends in a blissful and peaceful environment. There’s no inconvenience at all, as KARIN accepts up to eight adults in a room, that’s more than enough to make sure no monophobia sets in. KARIN set ups include a dining room – kitchen, living room, sofas, beds, futon, TV, DVD, refrigerator, oven, rice cooker, a spotlessly clean bathroom, a bath, a washing machine, BBQ space and more!

KARIN even accepts parties for single night stays, another reason why locals can have an unforgettable memory at the KARIN. The owner of KARIN, Masato Tamashiro, says “You might imagine what the Okinawa sightseeing is, looking around some sightseeing spots and staying at a resort or luxury hotel, but what you remember the most are impressive things.  While travel is staying with your partner, families or friends and doing something collaborative with them, staying under the same roof with them and talking to each other, makes memories that that aren’t possible during everyday life, is it?”  Tamashiro thinks “staying in a cottage will help to make fond memories, and we hope all visitors to Okinawa feel like that and remember how the visit to Okinawa was great.”  He says KARIN cannot provide every hotel service, but “we believe you can have a special time because of staying at KARIN”.

Staying at a pension on Okinawa doesn’t include any food service, but guests “can purchase any ingredients at a supermarket near by and cook by themselves.”  He says it is another “bonding experience, too.” Most cooking equipment is available in KARIN,

Room rates are different depending on the season, starting at ¥29,000 per night for up to four people, meaning ¥7,250 per person for a suite/apartment style accommodation.  It’s only ¥5,660 per person per night if staying with six adults during off season.

Details are available at website at http://okinawa-karin.jp/english-top, or by calling 090-2969-7575.  Location information is at https://goo.gl/maps/NAXv0.

17:32 15 Jun , 2024