Apr 3 ~ 9


Although your head is full of fine ideas, it seems to be very slow to get anything accomplished. It the reason is a money problem, you have to concentrate on that first, especially, plan you expenses better. If you haven’ convinced our partner yet that your plan is doable, double your efforts. At the same time, take care of your health in order to be able to keep up with the project.


Cooperation in money matters pays off this time. Be ready to grab the chance when the right time comes. Why would you try to do everything by yourself when working together towards a common goal saves you from plenty of stress. Mixing family with your work is not always the best solution, but flexibility is required even in this matter. However, make sure that everyone knows the rules.


There’s expectation and enthusiasm in the air, and the feeling is only getting stronger. The beginning of this month promises to be both dynamic and unpredictable. This is a good time to make far-reaching decisions that would affect your life over the next few years. A chance comes fast and does not wait for anyone, so you have to be ready to act any time on a moment’s notice.


Widening your horizons could lead you to have a conversation with people that usually are off your radar screen. This time has quite a spiritual tint to it, but your sharp sense of humor takes the hardest edge out of it. A change in your ay of thinking makes you to relate in a completely new way to a certain matter, and you can expect to see a few things in a new light. But think free.


After the trouble last week you should be able to see everything in a wider perspective. After you have had time to think over what took place, you will be able to find a new way to approach the problem. You should be selective when you choose with whom you socialize, as almost everyone is attracted o you. Just now people find you especially interesting, but you should think of the reason.


Your creativity is coming to the forefront because of planet Jupiter, and at the same time your understanding of your finances and money in general becomes clearer. You would also see better hat would be possible. When you are in the company of your friends, you could experience things that you normally don’t notice. When you share your ideas with others, you’ll see that you’re not alone.


Memories made this weekend that will stay with you forever. You should encourage those who are the closest to your heart. Ask about their hopes and dreams. Where do they want to be in five years? What do they want to do at that time? Their answers would help you to clear your owns thoughts, and make you see clearer the way ahead. Love I what you get in exchange for the time you give them.


Sharing, caring and adventures together are the focus this weekend. The beginning of April could inspire you to think about changing jobs, or maybe even starting you own business. Think, where all this could lead you. The key would be the effort your partner would be willing to invest in making your dreams to become true. The key is the teamwork, and that’s why you have to be open.


Obviously you have already decided your next move. But in site of that you still should be flexible ion order to be able to make the most of the changing situations. Sticking to the already made plan could prove to be a mistake. Sharp and open mind would guide you to the right path. Bu you should leave any romantic thoughts strictly to your private life. They have no place in business.


Planet Venus is now on your side, and the attention you get could make you feel lost. But don’t be shy, you are worth every penny. Give your love freely to others around you. Don’t hide it only to yourself. Maybe it’s in your nature to take life too seriously from time to time. Having fun and a good laugh sometimes are know to do wonders, and there’s no reason shy your should be an exception.


The weekend and whole following week makes you daydreaming. Maybe you have in mind a romantic getaway with your lover? Even a small exception from everyday routines would bring the spring into your life. You would like everything go forward for the long run, but first you have to try to see the lighter side of your life and be more accommodating. Dare to think something new.


This weekend is going to be important, and the most important aspect would be love and caring. Although a certain situation at home worries you to an extent, you should think whether it all could be a misunderstanding. Make sure you understand the facts before you stick your nose into an anthill. This could give you a fabulous chance to enhance and deepen your relationship.

05:34 29 Feb , 2024