Apr 10 ~ 16


Although this period is very busy at work and your job is in the forefront in many ways, you still should keep in mind your health. It could be difficult to find the right balance, but you can charge your energy by relaxing thoroughly over the weekend. Planning a vacation is also a good way to diver your thought to something that is away from your job and positively future oriented.


Something shady is going on that is casting a shadow over the next few days. There could be secrets between your colleagues that cause tensions. But you can be sure in your knowledge that your responsibilities towards your team members are in balance. You are no more responsible for other people’s failures. It is good at times to delegate more responsibility to others to share.


This weekend will bring dreams and possibilities into your life. Now is the right time to decide what you want to achieve during the next 12 months, and then make a plan how to make it happen. Changes to get ahead will appear quick, so make clear what you want and with whom, and then be ready when the opportunity arises. This is not the time to hide behind others.


A creative period with all the new possibilities is continuing, but you should not expect it to go on forever.  If you really want to do something that is close to your heart, you must not hesitate. Waiting for too long could cost you everything. Remember that many people are very unscrupulous when it comes to money and business. It’s better to think carefully on whom you can trust.


This time new friendships and new beginnings come to focus. Everything that you want to achieve during the next few months are becoming very clear in your mind. Now you have to make sure that other people get and understand your message. Soft words would make a great impression on a certain person. Be ready to open up about your feelings, and you can become very close.


This weekend promises to bring romance into your life. You charm is now attracting people to approach you. And there’s likely to be someone whose interest could at times feel a little overbearing even. Follow you own plans and do not let other to push you around. Your strength comes from the fact that you are able to keep the reins firmly in your own hands. That also earns respect.


Your vision of where to head and what to do will become clearer over this weekend. There will be more opportunities for you that you had ever believed possible, especially in the field of travel. At least your life does not seem to become duller. Do you feel now that once you get enough time to think everything over, anything would be possible? It should, as it is only true.


Reality is setting on your heels, and that’s where it’s going to stay for a while. At one moment you feel that everything it just fine, and the next nothing satisfies you. You are longing for something new, and that could eventually push you to take steps that are necessary. Do not forget that your possible companion also needs your attention. You friends are the support pillars in your life.


Your home life is now steadier than in months, and your personal relationships could rise to new heights. An aura of trust is surrounding you. That’s why it’s important that you make sure that you keep all your promises. In that way you can keep the trust. You must protect your reputation because that is the gate into your success in the future.


This is a good time to improve both your money situation and your health. You should use this opportunity to the fullest. Stay away from routines as much as possible and challenge yourself to try something new. Your senses are at their peak, and you would notice this especially when you spend time with your partner. You should also give more time for yourself. You have earned it.


Concentrating too much on your own thoughts is not always a good thing, but this weekend is an exception. Certain thoughts you have had lately are leading you to the right direction. You can always find ways to improve things and find new angles to approach problems. That keeps your head sharp and mind alert. In that way you are also like to discover new ideas to improve your life.


Being flexible would help you to get ahead in many areas. You still have much to learn, and there are many aspects in your life that require adjusting. Although some situations and people can be difficult, time and patience are the two ways that almost always take care of them. And sometimes they solve themselves. Healthy self confidence is a positive trait and nothing to be ashamed of.

13:10 13 Jun , 2024