Apr 24 ~ 30


It seems that people’s feelings and opinions keep changing, and it’s not easy to keep those around you satisfied even most of the time. If you manage to calm the situation, and get others to have an intelligent talk about problems everyone is facing, you have already succeeded half way! Make sure you have time to think about what’s going on at your own pace.


Usually you can trust on your intuition to tell you how to act in difficult situations, but this week it would be better for you to avoid this kind of conversations. Just now other people are not very accommodating. The best way to get through the chaos is to use humor, but you also must be careful not to overdo it, as that would be a cause for more friction.


Try to act with determination in a situation you are likely to face over the weekend, but avoid escalating this into a great drama. Focus on close relationships that would give everyone much to think and discuss about. Although it could sometimes feel that you are right in the eye of a storm, you are the one who has to be calm and provide a haven for others to come to.


There’s something that you got involved in a while ago and now it seems to morph into something political. You can avoid arguments if you simply and unequivocally state that you are not available to interfere. At work you can finally expect to get a handle of a matter that has irritated you for some time. It’s important that you stand behind your beliefs and opinions.


When you take a look around, you will be able to see some difficult moments of the past in their right perspective. Helping others makes you forget your own problems. Thoughts of love are about to enter into your thoughts. Maybe you have someone special in mind who you’d like to contact. Why wait, you have only plenty to win in this particular situation.


It looks inevitable that there’s going to be some kind of quarrel waiting for you, maybe as soon as this weekend, and certainly at the beginning of next week. You have to try your best to avoid it, but if it’s not possible, then at least be well prepared. Is someone trying to put pressure on you to make a personal decision? You have to take some distance to this matter.


You are facing strong opposites over the next few days. Many unsatisfactory matters are coming to the light, and could very well lead to changes that are long overdue. Have you had to put up with an intolerable situation? The time seems to come when you can show everyone your true thoughts. Emotions are running high, and the winning trick is to be on top of yours.


Your natural ability to find a balance in your life is facing a challenge. As you try to separate right from wrong you will discover that it’s not that simple. You can expect to hear some good news from a friend and that would affect your stance. Your opinion concerning a certain person could change completely because of the information you’ll learn.


You are a natural peacekeeper, and now you are going to have a chance to show your stuff. An opportunity to take charge and responsibility about a difficult situation is going to pop up, and your energy and dedication is just what is needed to resolve the situation. Would you be interested in volunteering? Maybe not just now, but your contribution would be valuable.


It does no require very special intuition to realize that there is a problematic situation ahead. With you natural diplomatic abilities, you can be assured that you can clear the mess up. You subtle touch would impress others involved, and increase your social status considerably. Try to listen carefully what people say, and be ready to also read between the lines.


Many people are coming to you for help as you are the one who can see problems from many angles, and that helps you to alleviate complicated situations. You can easily help others with their problems, and that would help you to boost your social life considerably. At the same time, this would help you to learn much about yourself, and boost your self-confidence.


You are a good friend and a pillar of life to many of your friends. That’s why it could be frustrating that someone you care about very much, does not seem to be willing to listen to your advice. There’s not much more to do than make an example of yourself. Memories from the past are coming into your dreams. You can expect to hear news that you have waited for a long time.

06:28 01 Mar , 2024