Ichibangai welcomes Hokkaido and Tohoku specialty shop

A store selling products from Hokkaido and Tohoku region, the six northernmost prefectures of mainland Japan, opened in the Ichibangai shopping mall in Chuo, Okinawa City, on Saturday.

At the opening ceremony Kazunori Nagayama, the president of Koza Machizukuri Co., Ltd., the company that administrates the shop, said, “With the opening of this new store, we hope to give the whole Ichibangai mall a new, livelier vibe.”

The store is in a two-story building with about 200 square meters of floor space. On the first floor the shelves are lined up with fresh vegetables, seafood and processed meat products from Tohoku and Hokkaido.

The 2nd floor of the shop has Okinawa’s special products. The shop hours are every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The shop is open all year round except three days of the New Year from Jan. 1st to 3rd.

10:27 23 Jun , 2024