Last trip to Yaebishi reef

A National Site of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument, Yaebishi Reef off Miyako Island, a group of coral reefs that become visible over the sea level only during the low tide in the spring, has been a popular destination for locals and an increasing number of tourists during the few days it is above the sea level.

This year the sightseeing tours to Yaebichi took place on Apr. 1 & 2, with two local marine transportation companies organizing tours bringing about 380 tourists to the reef on the first day alone.

However, with the opening of the new Irabu Bridge next January, the ferries will go out of business as they are no more needed to transport cargo and cars between Irabu and Miyako islands. Thus, the tour will be discontinued and this year became the last year for this tour. In the future there will be only private boats that could visit the reef and continue the tradition.

13:50 13 Jun , 2024