Man arrested on suspicion of robbing convenience store

Yonabaru Police arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of robbing a convenience store in Nanjo City on Jan. 26.

According to investigators, they nabbed Kazuaki Iramina after they posted pictures of the robber taken by a surveillance camera, and one of Iramina’s relatives came forward and identified him as the man in the picture. The police say Iramina has confessed to the charge.

Okinawa and Yonabaru Police began a joint investigation Mar. 4th, distributing pictures of the robber, and on Apr. 9th, Yonabaru Police received a phone call from one of Iramina’s family members saying they will take him to the police.

According to Yonabaru Police, Iramina denied the charges first, but then admitted to them during questioning.

13:39 14 Jul , 2024