Marine nabbed for DUI

Naha City Police arrested a 35-year-old Marine on suspicion of driving under influence, early Sunday morning.

According to Naha Police, a patrol noticed a car with a broken bumper moving along the Kokusai Street in Naha about 5:40 a.m. They stopped the car in order to check, and noticed a strong smell of alcohol from the driver’s breath. When the police administered a breathalyzer test, they detected five times the legal limit of alcohol in the breath of SSgt. James Luis Rodriguez stationed on Camp Kinser, and arrested him on the spot on suspicion of driving under influence.

According to Okinawa Prefecture Police this is the 14th incident of DUI this year by military personnel, six more than last year at the same time.

  • Larry Muse

    5 times the amount??? Was he still alive???

    • David

      To be fair, 5 times the Japanese limit is .15%, which isn’t quite twice the legal limit in America. Granted, that’s still waaaay too much to drive after. I never chanced it over there. After 2-3 beers, I either took a cab or had my wife drive, because that’s honestly all it takes.

      • Larry Muse

        .03 seems a little low, but anything when driving can be too much! Thanks for the comment! By the way did they still have the little kamikaze cabs when you were there??? Riding in those made you want to drink!!!

  • Noble

    I personally know a local Okinawan who crashed her car and got a DUI Sunday morning after leaving a nightclub. But I guess if JapanUpdate published articles about locals behaving badly, they wouldn’t have space for much else.

    • BlahJU

      There are plenty of stories here about locals messing up. But really, do you think the target audience for JU cares about every single local that gets a DUI or do you think they might care a bit more about one of “their own” getting a DUI?

04:24 15 Jul , 2024