Naha tug-of-war replica rope set in Kibogaoka Park

A replica of the great rope used in the annual Naha tug-of-war has been completed and placed in Kibugaoka Park in Makishi, Naka City.

Now anyone can experience the strong impact of the giant Naha Tug-of-War that is held in October every year.

The Guiness Book of Records Association has certified the Naha Tug-of-War rope as the largest tug-of-war rope in the world, but it has been possible to be see the giant rope only once a year at the actual event. Participants to the tug-of-war dismember the rope at the end of each event and keep the pieces as good luck charms or souvenirs, and a new rope is made every year.

Many tourists have requested to have a permanent replica of the rope for them to see. The replica in the park is 14 meters long and weighs around 7 tons. The real thing used in the event is about 200 meters long and weighs over 40 tons.

12:20 13 Jun , 2024