New IT center to replace Itoman bowling alley

The Masters’

Old Masters’ Bowling Center in Itoman will be torn down to make way for a new IT center.

Bowling alley in Itoman City was closed after a fire in May 2007.

The owner of the property, real estate company Kosumo Sougyo, announced, Sunday, a plan to demolish the old bowling center and build a new facility called “Itoman IT Promotion Center” on the site.

According to Kosumo Sougyo President Hideo Oshiro, who is also the owner of the site land, the project is expected to cost about one billion yen, and have a total of 4,900 square meters of floor space on three floors. The company plans to attract IT companies and IT engineer training schools to the new facility.

The construction is scheduled to be complete by April 2016. The facility is expected to offer employment to 800 to 1,000 people.

13:59 04 Mar , 2024