Number of working age Japanese down to 80 million

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced Apr. 15th the latest population data as of Oct. 1st, 2013.

According to ministry figures, the total population of the nation, including non-Japanese residents, was 217,000 less than a year before. The data shows Japan’s total population at 127 million, marking the third consecutive year of decline.

Senior citizens over 65 of age count for a quarter of the population, while the number of working age people has gone down to 80 million, the lowest in 32 years.

The data has sounded alarm bells with the Japanese government, and it has decided to build a new strategy by June to expand the acceptance of female workers, seniors and workers from abroad.

The population in Okinawa increased by 6,000 in a year and totals now 1,415,000. It makes Okinawa the 27th largest prefecture by population within Japan.

07:30 01 Mar , 2024