Okinawa to support transit flights to lure foreign visitors

Okinawa officials gave announced a new plan to begin to support transit passengers from Europe and America to attract foreign tourists into the prefecture.

In cooperation with international travel agencies that specialize in selling tickets only through websites, and airline companies, Okinawa will subsidize a part of the airfare to tourists who travel individually, and would make a stop over in Okinawa.

This project is a part of the prefecture’s Internationalization of Tourism in Okinawa Big Bang Project. The campaign will begin shortly at ticket reservation websites. According to the plan, a part of the ticket fare will be subsidized to travelers from Europe and America heading for Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing who will stop over in Okinawa. At the earliest, the project would start in time for this summer season.

  • L. Knorr

    we are hoping to travel to Okinawa, stopping in Tokyo en route. Would this apply to us or must we travel to one of the cities cited here?

02:42 24 Apr , 2024