San-A cashes in on record sales through February

The major Okinawan supermarket and department store chain operator San-A Co. Ltd. announced Monday its consolidated accounts for February.

The figures showed that the sales this fiscal up to the end of February, including the tenant income, was up 5.8% compared to the same period last year, reaching a total of ¥1.576 billion. That’s the highest on record.

San-A Co. President Tessei Uechi stated, “We were blessed with great business environment. In the previous years, there were many typhoons resulting in many closing days, but this year it has been fairly smooth. Also, the weather was on our side because the summer was hot and the winter was cold. The count of tourist has been the highest, and the local unemployment rate the lowest. Our best quality products have sold well, and consumer transactions increased.”

13:36 14 Jul , 2024